Daniel McCarthy



Data privacy, customer management, customer-based corporate valuation


Data fusion, limited data, machine learning, causal inference

Published or Forthcoming Papers:

  1. Kim, Kyeongbin; McCarthy, Daniel, "Wheels to Meals: Measuring the Impact of Micromobility on Restaurant Demand," Journal of Marketing Research, 61(1), 128-142. Link (Download)

  1. Oblander, E. Shin; McCarthy, Daniel, "Estimating the Long-Term Impact of Major Events on Consumption Patterns: Evidence from COVID-19," Marketing Science (Articles in Advance), 42(5), 839- 852. Link (Download)

  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Oblander, E. Shin (2021), "Scalable Data Fusion with Selection Correction: An Application to Customer Base Analysis," Marketing Science, 40(3), 459-480, Link (Download)
    Winner: 2019 Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street Conference’s 2019 Best Paper Award

  1. Fader, Peter; Hardie, Bruce; McCarthy, Daniel; Vaidyanathan, Ramnath (2019), "Exploring the Equivalence of Two Common Mixture Models for Duration Data," The American Statistician, 73(3), 288-295, Link

  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Winer, Russell (2019), "The Pareto Rule in Marketing Revisited: Is it 80/20, or 70/20?," Marketing Letters, 30(2), 139-150, Link

  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Fader, Peter (2018), "Customer-Based Corporate Valuation for Publicly Traded Non-Contractual Firms," Journal of Marketing Research, 55(5), 617-635, Link (Download)

  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Zhang, Kai; Berk, Richard; Brown, Lawrence; Buja, Andreas; George, Edward; Zhao, Linda (2018), "Calibrated Percentile Double Bootstrap for Robust Linear Regression Inference," Statistica Sinica, 28, 2565-2589, Link (Download)

  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Fader, Peter; Hardie, Bruce (2017), "Valuing Subscription-Based Businesses Using Publicly Disclosed Customer Data," Journal of Marketing, 81(1), 17-35, Link (Download)

  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Jensen, Shane (2016), "Power Weighted Densities for Time Series Data," Annals of Applied Statistics, 10(1), 305-334, Link

  1. Brown, Lawrence; McCarthy, Daniel (2016), "Comments on the paper, "An Adaptive Resampling Test for Detecting the Presence of Significant Predictors," Journal of the American Statistical Association, Theory and Methods, 110, 1446-1449, Link

Other Publications

  1. Damodaran, A.; McCarthy, Daniel; Cohen, M. (2022), "IPO Disclosures Are Ripe for Reform," MIT Sloan Management Review, Link

  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Fader, Peter (2020), "How to Value a Company by Analyzing Its Customers," Harvard Business Review, 98 (1), 51-55, Link

Working Papers

  1. Ye, Taotao; Shankar, Venkatesh; McCarthy, Daniel, "The Causal Effects of In-app Payment Introduction on Omnichannel Shopping and Mobile App Usage," Under review

  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Libai, Barak; Schoenmueller, Verena, "The Illusion of Declining Churn: A Product Lifecycle Perspective," Under review, Link

Selected Research In Progress

  1. Gurlek, Ragip; McCarthy, Daniel; Samaha, Stephen; Du, Rex; Lee, Donald, "Modeling Customer Asset Balances: Evidence From the Banking Sector"
  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Oblander, E. Shin; Park, Young-Hoon, "The Impact of a Subscription on Spending and Share-of-Wallet: Evidence from Restaurant Delivery"
    • Winner, Stanley Sun Faculty Global Research Award ($10,000)
  1. Kim, Kyeongbin; McCarthy, Daniel; Lee, Dokyun, "A Transformer-based Approach for Customer Base Analysis: Evidence from 996 Companies"

    • 2023 Google's GCP Credit Award ($20,000)
    • 2022 Google's GCP Credit Award ($43,010)
  1. McCarthy, Daniel; Liaukonyte, Jura; Tuchman, Anna, "Adding Ads: The Impact of Ad-Supported Subscription Plan Models on Consumer Behavior and Platform Revenue"
    • MSI Research Grant Award ($5,000)
  1. Hollenbeck, Brett; McCarthy, Daniel, "Evaluating the Impact of Consumer Privacy Policies on DTC Firms: Evidence from the Apple ATT Introduction"
    • MSI Research Grant Award ($5,000)
    • Price Center Award ($7,000)
    • Law & Economics Center at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School Economics & Privacy Empirical Research Award ($10,000)
  1. McCarthy, Daniel, "CBCV: Reshaping the Practice of Corporate Valuation Using a Customer-Driven Approach"
    • Winner, Gary Lilien ISMS-MSI-EMAC Practice Prize (video)